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23 Best Sex Toys for Women, According to Experts in 2023

Read on for more recommendations, broken down by type. We’ve chosen toys that are sex-educator-recommended, that SELF editors personally use and love, and that are bestsellers. You’ll find options from brands like Lelo, Dame, Lovehoney, Satisfyer, and We-Vibe.


Vibrators come in a ton of styles, with varying levels of power and speed. Though many vibrators are primarily designed for external stimulation, plenty can also be used internally, and dual-stimulation vibrators target both the clit and the G-spot.

Wand vibrators often have large, ball-shaped heads, long bodies, and intense motors—the combo of which diffuses more vibrations than a smaller toy can. “Wands are great for clit stimulation during solo play or partnered play,” Shamyra Howard, LCSW, CST, tells SELF, adding that they can also feel excellent across nipples, butts, and penises.

Best Wand Vibrator: Magic Wand Original

This popular 13-inch wand has four levels of intensity and four vibration patterns, plus a flexible neck that lets you apply pressure at different angles for more targeted sensations. “I feel it vibrate all through me,” one shopper says. You can use the wand wirelessly or with a cord, in case you want to keep going without worrying about losing your charge.

Pros: Powerful, rechargeable, option to use cordless or corded, flexible neck

Cons: Bulky, not waterproof, a little noisy

Best Wand Vibrator for Beginners:  Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand

Lovehoney Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

This wand is “small but mighty,” Megan Fleming, PhD, a psychologist and AASECT-certified sex therapist, previously told SELF. Over 1,200 Lovehoney shoppers rate the toy an average of 4.5 stars because of its strength (it has 10 intensity levels and seven vibration patterns) and travel-friendly size. Plus, its price tag isn’t as high as some of its competitors.

Pros: Compact, under $75, rechargeable, cordless

Cons: Noisy

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What’s known as the G-spot is most likely a small area of spongy tissue located near the front of the upper vaginal wall. Though its exact location is debated by researchers, stimulating the area can feel fantastic.

There’s a huge range of insertable vibrators and sex toys that target this zone, including dual-stimulation ones (such as rabbit vibrators) and toys that are curved or have bulbous heads that pulse or thrust. Here are a few of the best G-spot vibrators.

Best G-Spot Vibrator:  We-Vibe Nova Rabbit 2

This dual-stimulation vibrator has a bendy, arched arm that can apply pressure to both the G-spot and the clit. The toy has a two-hour battery life and can be controlled via the We-Vibe app.

Pros: Dual-stimulating, rechargeable, app- and remote-controllable, quiet, long-lasting

Cons: Not waterproof, pricey, app can be laggy

Best Luxury G-Spot Vibrator: Womanizer Duo 2

The Womanizer Duo features the clit-targeting, air-pulse technology of an oral-sex-simulating vibrator, along with a curved arm that slips inside. It has 14 levels of intensities for serious G-spot stimulation. Shoppers love how easy it is to use solo and with a partner, as well as some of its special features. “When my clitoris becomes too tender, I hit the Afterglow button, which drops the intensities down to a low, gentle sensation,” one shopper writes. “Being able to press a single button (rather than frantically pressing the minus button) is great.”

Pros: Dual-stimulating, waterproof, special features

Cons: Pricey, magnetic charger comes loose

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Best Clitoral Suction Vibrators and Stimulators

Clitoral suction vibrators (a.k.a. suckers, air-pulse vibrators, or oral sex simulators) have wide openings that surround the clitoris (without touching it) and pulse tiny waves of air that “evoke the feeling of suction,” Dr. Queen says. You can also try clitoral stimulators, which are designed with body-safe silicone lips, tongues, or petals that flick across the clit.

Best Suction Vibrator: Satisfyer Pro 2

This clit sucker comes recommended by Indigo Stray Conger, LMFT, an AASECT-certified sex therapist, for its affordability, waterproof body, and 11 increasing levels of intensity.

Pros: Under $100, rechargeable, waterproof

Cons: Noisy, short run time (30 minutes)

Most Intense Suction Vibrator: Lelo Sona 2 

O’Neill says the Lelo Sona 2 is one of the best clit vibrators because of its slim mouth that fits around the head of the clitoris, which can provide deep, long-lasting orgasms. The toy pulses in 12 different patterns for sensations that build from a murmur to a roar. Over 800 Lelo shoppers awarded the suction toy five stars for its easy-to-hold curved design and wide range of settings. “You can really stretch out play time for as long or short as you want,” one shopper wrote.

Pros: Rechargeable, waterproof, two-hour battery life

Cons: Pricey, noisy when used directly on skin

Best Gentle Suction Vibrator: Dame Aer 

Lelo shoppers particularly love this clitoral sucking toy’s stylish body and how soft its five intensity levels start out, making it ideal for anyone who’s highly sensitive. “The head of the device provides such a gentle yet intense experience,” one reviewer wrote.

Pros: Rechargeable, waterproof, discreet, gentle

Cons: Pricey, may not feel strong enough for some

Best Oral Sex Simulator: Lelo Ora 3 

The Ora 3 clitoral vibrator is shaped like a donut and has a nub-like “tongue” that rotates in 12 vibration settings. “This is my go-to when I feel like I need a little oral stimulation,” one Lelo shopper wrote.

Pros: Rechargeable, discreet, gentle, waterproof

Cons: Pricey, noisy

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If you’re a Sex and the City fan, you might already know about the rabbit vibrator. That original vibe had a long body that could enter the vagina, with distinctive rabbit “ears” that stimulated the clit. Though many rabbit vibes today have preserved this signature style, others have replaced the ears with shorter curved arms or suction mechanisms while still offering that same dual stimulation.

Best Rabbit Vibrator: Lovehoney Happy Rabbit

This is a classic rabbit vibrator, which combines flexible rabbit ears that tickle the clit with a curved vibrating arm that pulses against the G-spot. Almost 700 Lovehoney shoppers rated the toy 4.5 stars and above and said they appreciated its 15 different patterns and how quiet the toy is.

Pros: Rechargeable, dual-stimulating, travel lock setting, quiet, waterproof

Cons: Bulky

Most Discreet Rabbit Vibrator: Je Joue Rabbit Bullet

Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe

The Je Joue combines the pocket size of a bullet with the clitoral stimulation of a rabbit vibe. The toy’s ears flutter against or hug the clit for orgasmic ripples. “Don’t be fooled by how cute this toy is—the low rumble of Je Joue’s motor packs some serious power for an intense climax,” Babeland brand manager Lisa Finn previously told SELF.

Pros: Rechargeable, discreet, waterproof

Cons: Purely clitoral stimulation

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Finger vibrators slide onto a finger or between them and can be used on breasts, butts, clits, or anywhere else you like. They’re great additions to masturbation (especially if you’re a beginner to vibrators) and partnered play because they let you use your hand as you ordinarily would, as Good Vibrations education director Andy Duran previously told SELF.

Best Finger Vibrator: Dame Fin

The best-selling Dame Fin can be used around or tethered between fingers, or sans tether for more movement and exploration. “If you prefer the tactile sensation of your partner’s hand to that of a sex toy, you can position the Fin on the top side of your fingers, turning them into a conduit for the vibration,” Finn, the Babeland branch manager, previously told SELF.

Pros: Rechargeable, discreet, under $75

Cons: May not feel strong enough for some

Editor Favorite: Maude Vibe

A SELF commerce editor called the Maude Vibe the “sex toy I didn’t know I needed.” Its slim, elongated body intuitively turns it into an extension of the finger, with a tapered tip that targets the clit. The simple-to-use, whisper-quiet vibe has three intensities that ramp up from fluttery to “eye-poppingly powerful.”

Pros: Rechargeable, discreet, under $50, easy to use, water-resistant

Cons: Limited intensities and patterns

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Best Remote-Control Vibrators

There’s lots to love about remote-control vibrators: They’re often cordless and many can be managed from afar via app—a real turn-on for anyone in a long-distance relationship (or situationship).

Best Remote-Control Vibrator: We-Vibe Moxie+

This remote- and app-controllable panty vibe can magnetically fasten into undies, under clothes, or a harness, Shadeen Francis, LMFT, a sex and relationship therapist, previously told SELF. Reviewers say the couples’ vibrator is a real turn-on to wear during foreplay and for long-distance sex. “Not only can my partner use the toy on me, but I can use it on myself too,” one reviewer said.

Pros: Rechargeable, wearable, remote- and app-controllable, waterproof, discreet

Cons: App connectivity can reportedly be inconsistent

Best Remote-Control Vibrator for G-Spot Stimulation: Lovense Lush 2 

The Lovense Lush 2 is one of the best hands-free sex toys. Its curved shaft is designed to fit inside the vagina, and it has a slender external arm that makes for easy removal. “It can be controlled from anywhere in the world, the curved head nestles comfortably against the sensitive tissues of the G-spot, and the vibrations range from a rumble to a pulsing earthquake,” Francis said.

Pros: Rechargeable, wearable, waterproof, remote- and app-controllable, discreet

Cons: Noisy at full power

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Best Egg Vibrators and Bullet Vibrators

Egg vibrators are egg-shaped and fit in the palm. They can be clitoral stimulators [or] all-over vibes, and some can even be used for [vaginal] insertion,” Dr. Queen says. Bullet vibrators are a slimmer, more petite sex toy for women that often have a pointed tip to offer targeted sensation. They’re perhaps the most discreet sex toys—they’re small enough to slip into a clutch or pocket, or, hell, even wear as jewelry.

Best Egg Vibrator: Lelo Lyla 2

The Lelo Lyla 2, which blends an egg and bullet vibrator, fits inside the vagina. Using its unique remote control, users can shift between eight patterns and different speeds just by tilting their hand. “I like inserting it when my boyfriend and I do anal,” one reviewer wrote.

Pros: Rechargeable, remote-controllable, travel lock setting, can be used internally, quiet

Cons: Pricey

Best Bullet Vibrator: We-Vibe Tango X

This toy has seven vibration modes, eight intensity levels, and an angled tip for precision. One Lovehoney customer called it the “perfect travel toy” in their review. “It’s small, easy to adjust, and quite strong,” they wrote. “It’s also well-suited as an add-on for a strap-on.”

Pros: Rechargeable, discreet, travel lock setting, strong despite its size

Cons: Buttons are a little difficult to push, some shoppers say

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Similar to the heads of wand vibes, palm vibrators have a wider surface area than toys with more pointed tips. Their oblong shape makes it easier to diffuse sensations across the vulva (and elsewhere beyond the clit)—which can feel really good, Dr. Queen says.

Best Palm Vibrator: Dame Pom

The Pom’s body is almost entirely bendable and wide enough to touch the whole vulva, while its tip is pinpointed for extra clit stimulation. It can feel nice around the anal opening too. “I highly recommend Pom to anyone who wants leg-shaking external pleasure,” a Dame reviewer wrote. “It’s super quiet for how powerful it is, it’s made of really soft silicone, and the vibrations are more like a rumble than a buzz.”

Pros: Rechargeable, waterproof, discreet, gentle, quiet

Cons: May not feel intense enough for some

Penetrative Sex Toys

The main types of penetrative toys are butt plugs, anal beads, and dildos. A few words to the wise? For anal penetration, lube up and be sure your toy has a flared base (or risk it getting stuck in your rectum). If you’re using a toy inside or on both a vagina and a butt, always clean it carefully between orifices.

Best Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Butt plugs are usually cone-shaped with wide bases that keep them from sliding out of your ass. They’re “designed for safe anal penetration and can be left in the [butt], freeing your hands to do other pleasurable things,” Dr. Queen says.

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