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An Aesthetics Rejuvenation Expert’s Top 3 Ways To Firm Your Skin

Ah, but skin aging isn’t just about the skin’s surface. As Goodman previously shared during an episode of Clean Beauty School, skin aging actually comprises a mix of changes to the bone structure, muscles, lymphatic system, fat, and then skin. 

As we lose bone and muscle over time, our facial structure becomes imbalanced in a way that reads as aging. That said, one of Goodman’s main healthy aging tips is to retain bone and muscle.  

“For bone health, weight-bearing exercises, like walking, play a crucial role,” she notes. “Additionally, maintaining optimal vitamin levels, particularly vitamin D in tandem with calcium, is essential.” Granted, some aspects of bone structure are based on genetics, but there are some factors you can control. (Feel free to brush up on more ways to maintain bone health here.) 

As for enhancing muscle, she recommends using “upward facial muscles” whenever you can. Meaning, prioritize muscle habits that have an upward motion—like lifting the brows and smiling—rather than “down muscles,” like frowning and furrowing. 

Sure, these upward motions may cause expression lines, but it’s impossible to avoid emoting at all; sticking to these may not prevent fine lines, but they might just delay sagging. “Avoiding overuse of downward muscles, especially in the neck, can contribute to a more lifted appearance,” she adds. Consider it expert advice to keep on smiling. 

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