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The Memory Supplement Helping People Feel Sharp & Alert

My mind is calmer, like I’m not over-thinking everything. I feel like I can reach decisions faster and remember things more clearly. Overall, I just feel…better.

And having recently run out, I can see a difference after just a week of not taking it—it’s not overly drastic, but it’s like the difference between waking up early on a Saturday feeling your best versus waking up on a Wednesday after your aunt’s fourth wedding and you have to somehow deal with every day work after all that.

These things really work—I have all but phased out coffee and energy drinks in my morning routine. They act fast, kicking in within 15-20 minutes. I feel energized and refreshed for at least 6 hours. There’s no crash at the end either, so usually by the time you notice it’s worn off it’s about time to be taking sleep support+ (also highly recommended).”*

—Joshua P.

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