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TikTok’s 2-Ingredient Feta Eggs Breakfast Is My New Favorite Way to Get Protein in Early

When I’m in the mood for a tasty, savory breakfast, I reach for two staple ingredients: eggs and cheese. So when my TikTok feed flooded with recipes prompting me to sub in feta for my usual sprinkle of Parmesan or cheddar, it caught my attention—especially considering its unique prep. The videos take the classic fried egg to the next level; you melt the cheese right in the pan to create a tangy, caramelized “crust” that serves as a nest for your protein.

Let’s be clear: I’ve tried a version of feta and eggs in the past. One of my favorite brunch recipes is shakshuka, a one-pan meal involving eggs baked into a seasoned tomato sauce and topped with those savory crumbles. Problem is its prep takes too long to add to my weekly morning meal rotation. This TikTok trend, on the other hand, promises a cheesy and delicious way to get breakfast on the table in just five minutes.

I dug into more clips of this trend, which raised a few important questions. Does it actually take mere minutes to prep? Will cooking that crispy crust result in a hot, sticky, glued-on mess? Does it taste good enough to replace my regular scrambles and omelets? And then, of course, is it filling enough to keep me satisfied until lunch?

When I woke up to an overflowing inbox and a bunch of assignments to turn in, I knew it was the perfect hectic morning to test out a quick-breakfast promise. I gathered my necessities: the eggs and feta, of course, a non-stick pan, and avocado oil, which has a high enough smoke point to allow your ingredients to crisp up quickly without breaking down.

Then came the fun part: After heating up the oiled pan, I sprinkled in a handful of feta. A bunch of the tutorials recommended scattering the cheese on the outer rim of the pan to form a well before cracking the egg into the center of it, so I took that approach.

Dominic Freddura

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